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  1. 'Ready 2 Wear' was the anthem and omnipresent crowd-pleaser at kitchen dance parties with my friends when I first moved to San Francisco, it was like the soundtrack to our lives.

  2. I'll be creating 5 custom mixtapes featuring the 5 tracks off Endless Motion, as well as 5 unreleased acoustic covers I have recorded. By pre-ordering the record you will be entered to win one of these mixtapes which I will customize with your name, artwork and tracklist.

  3. I Know What I Know represents to me the penetrating power of Paul Simon in my life, from growing up as a child listening to Graceland to rediscovering the power of its lyrics when I had come of age and amassed enough experiences of my own to fathom their emotional weight.

  4. I was leaving Chicago after passing it for the 4th time in 3 weeks, after loading up all the gear back into the van after doing a studio session for Audiotree, and I realized that these are going to be the best days of my life. No matter how much...

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