1. Excited to finally release the music video for I'm Ready. We shot this over the course of a few days before leaving on tour and it was really fun experience to get to be involved in the experience from concept to execution.

  2. We have to do a lot of things to keep occupied on long drives on tour, sometimes its podcasts, movies on our computers, reading, etc. and obviously we like to share music with each other and talk about it while we're driving. Usually the driver or the person riding shotgun selects the music. Thought I would share a little glimpse into what we've been listening to on the road during the Ghost Modern Tour. Check it out below...

  3. The artwork on Ghost Modern was done by artist Amos Goldbaum contains hundreds of tiny images that represent the cocophony of people and things that exist in all of our realities (some profound, some seemingly ordinary). I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and capture photographs as many of these things that I can while we drive across the country. Even better would be to get the fans to snap shots of the items featured on the artwork that present themselves in their daily lives.

  4. Pretty excited about the new remix of I'm Ready by our friends Vacationer. They gave the track a totally different feel, and it's always really cool to hear something you've created reinvisioned by another artist that you respect.

    The remix premiered today over at Indie Shuffle and you can stream it right here...

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